Shadowing by Fresand Wintergarten

Shadowings are very important for many conservatories when it comes to the protection against too strong solar irradiation. However, in addition, they also serve the privacy reasons as sight protection, are decorative elements and impove the acoustics of the conservatory. If the client confirmes the assembly of the shadowings together with that of the conservatory we will take the needed measures directly at our assembly hall. But it is also possible to add the shadowings later on. In this case one of our experts for shadowing will come to do the on-location measurements. For the shadowings of our conservatories we primarily use pinoleum or pleats.

Pinoleum (Roman-Venetian blinds)

Pinoleum is a very traditional method used for shadowings. They consists of flat, wooden rods, sewn together and enclosed by a textile band. This kind of solar protection is extremely variable and available in a huge number of colours. Moreover, it offers a highly precise adaptation to any shape of the glass construction. This results in a truly enchanting atmosphere with playfully changing light-moods. The pinoleum can be controlled manually by a rope train, electro motor or with the help of a push bar.


Pleats (folding net curtains)

Another attractive option would be the use of pleats – the prefolded (pleated) material in different variations. Not only can pleats control the incidence of light, they also contribute to the ambience of the room f.e. through their different colours, patterns, styles, etc. By the choice of the transparency the blackout level of the conservatory can be easily and individually adjusted. Also with this shadowing system you can choose between the manual activity by using the push bar or the electric motor.


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