Material and technology

For the construction of our conservatories we use only materials of the highest quality in a perfect processing. Beside noble and long-lasting woods like Mahogany, Dark Red Meranti or Accoya, on which we even grant a 50-years-guarantee, we use highly-resistent to weather conditions, powder-coated aluminium profiles for the outdoor area.


Coloured surface coatings are not only an important aspect in terms of design. They also protect the whole construction, particularly in the outdoor area, exposed to all kind of weather conditions. For the protection of the hardwood constructions we use only high-quality, extremely long-lasting and environment-friendly varnish applied in multiple coats. This varnish creates – together with the constructive wooden protection and the standard application of practically unrotable Accoya or aluminium (for the particularly exposed outdoor parts) – one of the basic fundaments for a life-long usage of the glass rooms of your dreams.



Wooden-aluminium conservatory

Wooden-aluminium conservatory

Aluminium profiles are the fundamental component of our conservatories. Each of our roof constructions is regulary manufactured as a wood-aluminium construction. This means that all roof discs are laid on the wooden construction by gummed aluminium profiles with outside-covering plates out of aluminium. The gutters and the rainfall pipes are also manufactured with stable aluminium. This technique can be implemented not only for roofs. There is of course no problem with manufacturing a complete conservatory as a wooden-aluminium-construction. The complete manufacturing of window- and door elements out of thermically-devided aluminium is also entirely possible. All aluminium profiles are protected against the weather conditions by an extremely resistant powder-coating in the colour of the conservatory.


The prevailing part of our glass constructions consists of multi-glued hardwoods. The multi-gluing of the wood increases the form stability and the overall stability compared with the unglued ones. For the application of unglued wood in the outdoor area we only use the absolutely form-stable and unrotable Accoya.



Accoya® - an unique wood with the 50-years-garantee

Imagine a wood, which comes from a quickly growing, ecologically sustainable managed cultivated forest. It is absolutely untoxic and outdoes the best tropical hardwoods with its accuracy to the prescribed dimensions and its durability. Imagine a wood, which can provide a subsitute for the shrinking ressources of the tropical hardwoods as well as replace the toxically treated wood and other less lasting materials for the outdoor area. Imagine a wood which, whilst being used for a long period of time, can serve as an optimal carbon reducer and which in the end can be recycled absolutely ecologically friendly. Let's meet Accoya®!

Today we already use this unique wood on a regular basis for all cornices, profiles, pilasters and the outdoor-disguising. More and more customers decide to let us manufacture the complete conservatory out of this material.

The key-considerations are:

  • the 50-years-guarantee on Accoya
  • substantially diminished servicing need for the surfaces
  • protection of the tropical woods
  • extraordinary dimension strength and material hardness
  • ecological harmlessness

You find more information about this unusual material here:



Meranti is a hard and resistant hardwood from Indonesia. As with other species of wood the qualitiy can differ depending on the raw density. Therefore we exclusively use only very high-qualities of 450 kg / m3 +. However, the checking of the woods we use often proves that the quality is even higher than that. Our Dark Red Meranti cut timber are all 100% PEFC-certificated, meaning that they all come from a lasting cultvation.

To increase the stability of the window and door elements as well as the load-carrying capacity of the roof structures, these are produced of multi-glued Meranti. Besides, of course all weight-bearing parts have also an appraisial licensing.


Fittings are the "cherry on top" for every conservatory. They can adapt themselves to the optics of the conservatory or create accents. For our conservatories we use exclusive fittings made by famous manufacturers from Germany, the Netherlands or Great Britain. Besides, when it comes to design your wish is our command. From quite modern up to classical designs everything is possible. The surfaces can be brushed in brass, polished or matt, high-grade steel, with a satin-finish, nickel-plated or chromium-plated. Also special versions upon request are possible.

Türknaufe- und drücker


We use warmth-damming 2- or 3-discs insulating panels, in which the space between the discs is filled with noble gas to add up more isolation. All the roof glazings are of course made out of shatterproof glasses. On self-cleaning glasses the dirt will be decomposed by UV-light into micro-particles and simply washed off by rain. We strongly recommend these glazings for conservatories placed near the trees. Also electrically heatable glasses up to 60°C are an option. For different design purposes we would recommend lead glazings or discs with corroded or sandblasted motives.


For the creation of our orangeries and conservatories we have a pool of ornamental profiles like finials, crestings, brackets and clear-cut gutters in the most different forms and sizes. Made out of poured aluminum they can be applied accordingly to the taste of our clients.


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