What's going to happen next?

First of all you can email (to: ) or mail us some details about the conservatory planned. We roughly need to get an idea about the size of the construction, the intendend purpose f.e. an extension of the living room, the kitchen and so on. Photos of the house or copies of existing architect's plans (photographed and submitted) are very helpful as well. Or maybe, you happen to have a shot or a cut-out from a magazine of the conservatory you would like to have. Based on the sent moods and our existing work samples, we can give you a first impression and a general overview regarding price and feasibility.

Have we met your expectations at this point? If yes, we can start to produce concrete drafts and prepare an individual offer for your conservatory or your orangerie. Normally we will provide around two or three individual drafts in different price and design categories. To discuss the drafts and if necessary to fix desired changes we will come on-location, directly where “the magic happens“.

When requested, we check the approach of the juridical feasibility beforehand with the responsible local planning authorities or providing the complete documents for a building application. After your confimation we would take on-location measurements and discuss with you all remaining details regarding colours, window closings and openings, fittings and so on. Based on that we will provide extensive and detailled work planes for your conservatory which will be manufactured in our own production. These plans also contain all information required regarding foundations or masonry and can be passed on to the local construction company as an implementation planning. The plans will be also send to you for final agreement before production starts.

After completion the conservatory is going to be delivered partially-segmented and final-varnished and then professionally assambled by our experts. At the end of the project we complete the final inspection together and let you enjoy your new architectural highlight!

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